Live, In Person, Saturday Only

2021-05-28 23:02:09 - Brian Walker , Event Coordinator

Space Jam 15 will be a live, in-person event; but will be one day, Saturday only, merit badge classes. Circumstances beyond our control make us choose between this or a digital event (which we've all had enough of). There will be no overnight camping but 'day- camp' sites will be available as usual (Google Camping central Illinois for options before and after SJ 15). Many participants (40%+) have, in past, been choosing to attend Saturday only and they will experience little difference. Note: Camping has always been a no cost option. Also, we cannot show films at night because of social distancing requirements and, importantly, we will adjust our schedule to conclude with a closing ceremony at 5pm, where we will also pass out rolls of Duck Tape. We will open Registration at 6:30am Sat and classes start at 8am, as usual. This of course means we will not have Fri night classes, which we have only included for the last couple years. Sorry, but we will hopefully get these back next year. Things are getting back to 'normal' but we are not there yet with full confidence. We are doing the best we can; Please understand and we'll have a productive, fun, live event.

Last updated: 2021-05-29 19:10:59