Safety First

2021-04-18 20:41:09 - Brian Walker , Event Coordinator

We are all looking forward to a return to normal but we are not quite there and the SAFETY of all in attendance is our highest priority. You will be required to follow all BSA recommended measures, plus all federal, state and local recommendations. These will include mask wearing, social distancing, 'pod' camping area lounging when not in classes. SAFETY is our number 1, 2 and 3 priority. If you disagree with this policy (which is your right) then please wait till next year to attend or you will be asked to leave (which is our right and responsibility). FLIGHTS...Please note: It is possible that scouts will be required to present proof of vaccination since social distancing will not be possible. Also each scout must have a parent or guardian present to sign forms. Let's make Space Jam 15 Safe for all! Over half all adults have had at least one vaccination (4/18/2021). Do your part, get vaccinated and let's drive down the risks for all!