Space Jam 14 going Digital

2020-07-20 07:46:55 - Brian Walker , Event Coordinator

We have worked for the past year to prepare for Space Jam 14 in three forms. The Illinois Commerce and Development has given us their written opinion that our event is compliant with the Illinois Phase 4 covid-19 reopening requirements. Yet the Council has just cancelled our insurance. We are therefore left with the digital classroom form. Though not our first preference, we are able to include most of our program digitally that would have been offered in the on-site option. Please go camping somewhere closer to home, even if it is your back yard, where you have good Wi-Fi reception. On August 7th at 6 PM we will begin airing Merit Badges (MB) and all-day Saturday August 8th, from 8 AM to 7 PM where we will offer 22 to 25 MBs. We will have an opening ceremony at 7:30 AM and cover FAQs. Facebook Live and Zoom will be key components. Your Scouts need a computer (laptop), speakers, mic and/or a headset, and internet connection. Space Jam Team is excited to have an opportunity to start Scouts on new life journeys. Unlike the past thirteen Space Jam’s this year you will be using your own laptop. Many sessions will give you skills that once learned can be expanded on, possibly to lifelong careers and hobbies. These are conditions beyond our control, but we are prepared. It is unfortunate that we can't also teach virus mitigation education in person. Scouts have always been leaders in times of crisis and this virus will not go away without active educational efforts. Please contact your local community Public Health officials and ask them to teach the Public Health merit badge to your unit. You will find our tentative new schedule on the registration page of along with the usual Merit Badge schedule. The instructions are simple: plan on taking no more than five merit badges. If, and only if, a scout is currently registered for a Friday merit badge, then you may pick ONE of the four options (listed for Fri 6-8), plus four Saturday merit badges. Otherwise a Scout can participate in up to FIVE Saturday offerings. Yes, if you pick a couple one-hour classes, then you can get 6. It is important that you try to stick with your original MB schedule choices as much as possible but obviously times will change. Class sizes are limited so you may NOT audit other classes. Part of this is the honor system but we will only sign blue cards and send additional materials to those that are registered for Space Jam. Also, all Scouts will be sent a free roll of Duck Tape (we will have a contest as in the past, with prizes). Those and your Patches will be sent to the address submitted on registration forms after the event. T-shirts will be available on request, prepayment only and we have a limited number. Class detail Zoom information will be sent to registered leaders only, in about a week, for distribution to their unit. New registrations will be required to send the same forms (Merit Badge schedule) as everyone else and may not sign up for classes marked FULL; it is likely that we will close to new registrations soon. We ask that leaders and or parents, monitor attending Scouts and caution everyone to be on their best Scout behavior. Our instructors will have a no tolerance rule in place for disrupting classes. Please do not be that one. Space Jam is a work-in-progress and we will be adding prerequisites or post-requisites in order to get blue cards signed. For instance, in Space Exploration, Scouts will be required to send a photo of their Moon base model in order to get credit. Be forewarned, we must have blue cards and hard copy documentation sent snail mail. Please save your objections, we will have enough to collate without going back and forth from emails to other forms. Also, these must be submitted by no later than August 22. Our volunteers have jobs to get back to. We are doing our best for your Scouts. Let's get through this together then we can all go have a glass of lemonade.