SJ 14 is GO IL phase 4

2020-07-08 14:15:37 - Brian Walker , Event Coordinator

We are five weeks out and Illinois is firmly in Phase 4 of the 5 phase state plan. While still committed to all CDC recommendations and state requirements, we are currently leaning towards a near typical year outdoors event with the new normal restrictions...with smaller classes, sanitation, distancing, masks and a minimal of virtual instruction. Camping is optional and it's our airport for the weekend so there is plenty of space to separate groups. We will have a couple food vendors but still ask that units pack out their own garbage. UNIT LEADERS, make sure your participants have no flu like symptoms, NOR have they been in close contact with someone who was symptomatic. Bring your own pen to sign forms. Bring your own camp chairs to classes. This minimizes what we have to sanitize between classes. Bring extra sanitizer, we need you help and cooperation. Advise your scouts on the importance of respecting others personal space. No handshakes... Air fist or elbow bumps, wash and sanitize hands often. We'll be doing temperature checks. To treat this event as a teaching moment, we will often discuss 'cross contamination'. We want everyone to be safe and be prepared to help others stay safe. Event Coordinators