Space Jam 14 is GO

2020-06-02 10:35:57 - Brian Walker , Event Coordinator

Space Jam 14 is a GO, what form it will take has yet to be determined but these are our options: 1- Like past years with 'new normal' polices. 2- Hybrid SJ with some virtual classes. 3- All virtual event over two weekends. We think it's most likely that we will have an on-site event with some virtual classes. At this writing, 2 1/2 months out, we are preparing for this and closely watching developments. We will comply with CDC and Red Cross recommendations plus State of Illinois policies. • Social distancing, smaller classes, strict sanitizing. • Masks required, no handshakes, limit contact, bring a pen. • Bring your own meals, we will not have vendors. No fires on the ground, propane stoves only. • Pack out what you bring, we will not have a dumpster. • Lots of camping space, colonize what you need. • Instruct your scouts to social distance. We are here in part to learn how to navigate this new normal. We can do this! And we can be safe, but we need your cooperation; if anyone in your group has symptoms, they should not attend. We will screen everyone for fevers and sanitizing teams will be making rounds. This is our current thinking and as conditions change, we will keep you posted. Event Coordinators