2012-08-07 06:38:36 - Brian Walker , Event Coordinator

WE DID IT, The heat shield deployed, the Parachute slowed, the Sky Crane lowered and Curiosity sent back the first photos... We got 60 Scouts on airplane rides, showed Scoutings first ReadD style 3D movies in the field, video conferenced with NASA, talked with JAXA Astronaut Akihiko Hoshide on the ISS overhead, discovered SCUBA, Robotics (on land and under water), world records were set with the earth-balloon-earth communications distances, Scouts build projects, woood, metal, electronic; Scout played with Duck Tape, climbed walls, bounced on pioneering bridges. Flags flew, national anthem played, forges fired, ultra lights circled, rockets and rc planes... How was it possible to get so much into one event? THANKS TO THE STAFF, THANKS TO THE LEADERS, THANKS TO THE SCOUTS and a Big THANKS TO DENNY AND BRIAN for the 1,000's of hours of effort! See you next year at Space Jam 7 "Future Space Exploration". You will want to register early, to save money and to get into the classes you want. We are going to a new name tag system to get into classes...