Welcome to the Registration Page!

To register for Space Jamboree, download either the Scout Registration form (Boy and Girl Scouts) (link on left) or the Webelos Registration form (link on the left) or both. Print out the Registration form and mail it in along with payment. Prices and mailing address are included on the forms. Also print out a copy of the Merit Badge Classes Schedule (link on left) for each Scout and have him/her select classes (Webelos don't need to register for specific classes, as they rotate through all three). Circle the desired classes and send the schedules in along with the main registration form(s). If you have questions about registration, contact Denny Anderson (see the Contacts Page).

If you are looking to promote Space Jam to your unit or at a roundtable (after you have registerred your unit), you can use the 'Overview' or 'Roundtable' flyers below. Thanks for helping spread the word

BE PREPARED FOR REGISTRATION We request that troops register as a group, its OK to add on a few later but generally we request that troops register as a group, and pick up their paperwork at the on site registration tent, in one packet. The first one in line from your unit will pick up all of the paperwork, patches and wristbands for your unit. TIPS ON YOUR REGISTRATION If your check is deposited then your Scout schedules are confirmed. 95% of requested schedules will be confirmed, you will only be contacted if there is a problem.

Refund policy, two part request, one must be made 30 days prior to event ( so we have time to refill classes ) and be followed with a second request ( confirming prior contact ) within 30 days after event. NOTE: many initial requests are dropped due to add-ons within the troop and we will not have a refund committee in place until after event. No exceptions to this policy will be considered. Note: there will be a 10% cancellation fee subtracted from the refund to cover processing.