SJ 1 Photos

Space Jam was first held at Camp Drake, Fall 2007 It was the first time Scouts at Camp Drake talked with someone off the earth (the ISS in orbit). History is made!

And the Crowd goes crazy with ISS Success

The crowd goes crazy when the ISS astronaut Clay Anderson says "There is no where else I would like to be than talking to the Scouts at Space Jam at Camp Drake"

Credit: Charles Sufana

Camp Robert Drake home of SJ 1

Camp Robert Drake hosted the first ever Space Jam. Crew 272 ran a NASA video conference (2-way) in front of the rangers home, a first for NASA Digital Learning Lab's crew - working a class out side. The ISS flared and streaked across the night sky as we chatted with NASA. All very cool and a treat to be remembered a long time.

Credit: Charles Sufana

Clay ANderson

Astronaut Clay Anderson was our contact for Space Jam 1

Credit: NASA

Hams Working the World at Drake

Brian Walker hung a monster Rhombic antenna on the plateau. It tuned up real easy on any band and had solid performance.

Credit: Charles Sufana

IIS Crowd in Drake Dinning Hall.

Scouts gathered in the dinning hall to listen to the Scouts in the Camp Office talk with the ISS

Credit: Charles Sufana

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