SJ 2 Photos

Space Jam 2 was held with the Illini Jamboree in 2008.

A ton of Camppers

Dinning flies were everywhere.

Credit: Dan Hall

Buddy Pole Antenna

Our Ham Shack was a tent at SJ - 2.

Credit: Dan Hall

Crew 272 Trailer and Pioneering Kit

Crew 272 has the good fortune of a 30' trailer to run events from. We also built and use the Troop 272 Pioneering kit.

Credit: Dan Hall

Electronics Merit Badge

Crew 272 has Created 65 Electronics Merit Badge stations. 100's of Scouts have earned this MB now using the Crew's stations.

Credit: Dan Hall

Flight Simulator in side

This is an inside look at the Flight Simulator

Credit: Dan Hall

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