SJ 3 Photos

Space Jam 3 2009 was at the Rantoul Airport IL

Howard set to launch

Howard Brooks guides Scouts through the final phases of High Altitude Ballooning.

Credit: Ausstin Walker

NASA video conference

NASA trainers take Scouts on a trip, live 2-way video conferencing!

Credit: Austin Walker

Richard Garriott

Space Tourist, Ham Radio ops from the ISS, Soyuz TMA-13 astronaut, Richard Garriott did a voice conference as a treat for Scouts at Space Jam 3. Richard is a famous video game designer.

Credit: NASA

Robotics fun!

Steve Florence, has the Purdue Robotics radio control bots in the midway for Scouts to play with.

Credit: Austin Walker

Rock and Roll

Oh Donahue provided live Scout friendly entertainment Saturday night.

Credit: Austin Walker

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