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Space Jam 4 photo gallery...

Duck Tape the Merit Badge for real?

Space Jam is pioneering the Duck Tape merit badge with ShurTech. This is the most "asked for MB" and so we are making it happen! Real in-plant video, MB worksheets, duck tape kits and rolls... How Cool is that!!!!

Credit: Dan Hall

Ham Radio Towers a plenty

The Crew 272 portable ham radio station, featuring a world class Sat/Comm station, enabled the ISS Contact at 4:15 AM Sunday morning...

Credit: Dan Hall

Leaders on the move.

Ian our Electronics MB instructor on the move...

Credit: Dan Hall

Med-Evac Crew looks over Manikin

AirLife Flight Crew looks over a Patient (Crew 272 Manikin)

Credit: Dan Hall

Med-Evac Crew with ATV

Scout using Amateur Television transmits video from the helicopter.

Credit: Dan Hall

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