SJ 4 Photos

Space Jam 4 photo gallery...

Chief Pilot

AirLife pilot discusses fight with Scouts as his Crew looks on.

Credit: Dan Hall

Computer MB

The Crew 272 network of over 20 computers and our crack staff of young computer scientists, paved the way for a lot of Scouts earning the CS MB.

Credit: Ryan Walker

Denny prepares Duck Tape MB

Denny Anderson co-Founder and your master of ceremonies prepares for the hugely popular Duck Tape the Merit Badge. Big thanks to ShurTech!

Credit: Dan Hall

DePauw Tigers help Scouts

Howard Brooks, Chair of the Physics and Astronomy Department at DePauw helps Scouts discover the fine points of high altitude balloon science.

Credit: Dan Hall

Doug Wheelock

Doug Wheelock is the nicest Astronaut I (Brian Walker) have ever met in person... this guy is Awesome. He was our contact at Space Jam 4 and dropped by the BSA Ham Radio booth at the Dayton OH Hamvention in 2011.

Credit: NASA

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